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Starting from 125 liters, no interior corners for bacteria to grow...
  • Completely soldered and polished stainless steel basin with all corners rounded and a slight inclination towards the drain.
  • No interior corners for bacteria to grow.
  • Thermally-insulated allows for considerable energy savings and long heat retention.
  • Easy to clean and handle.
  • Exterior of stainless steel cooking vat consists of four posts and panels.
  • Double-walled cover completely made of thermally-insulated stainless steel with a silicon seal around the entire perimeter and a safety system to prevent it from being accidentally dropped.
  • Robust construction and easy assembly allows machine parts to be easily dismantled.
  • Control mechanism has a microprocessor located 1500 mm from the machine, a clock to select operational and start-up times, and a built-in buzzer to indicate cooking time has elapsed.
  • Adjustable legs to best adapt to the floor.

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