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Grinder refiner 180/180

The patented Velati grinder model 180/180 has been designed to allow the premixing, grinding and refining for mortadella production.
Grinder refiner 180/180
Grinder refiner 180/180

This machine is equipped with a very powerful motor which enables the grinding to be accomplished with several plates and knives simultaneously.
Five knives and five plates are in fact used for the production of mortadella; they are assembled alternating different knives and plates till a final plate with a 0,9/1 mm. diameter.
This kind of grinder can be provided either with a 55 kw engine suitable for small/medium productions or with a more powerful one of 110 kw that allows to reach higher productions.
The 180/180 grinder, due to its flexibility and versatility, is also suitable for the production of salami and hamburger.

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